Tuesday, April 2, 2013



[peeking around corner]


I know it's been... like... a really long time. It's been so long since I've been writing here regularly that I feel sort of self-conscious showing up out of the shadows and expecting anyone to still be paying attention.

But I miss writing, and I miss the sense of connection and community I find when I'm doing this regularly. I love looking back over the archives and seeing the highlights - the big moments, and the little things I'd forgotten. Blogging helps me to pay attention, to mark the joys on the calendar. A couple of years ago, we had some pretty catastrophic things happen here on the home front - you'll notice that it coincides with the time when blogging went by the wayside. It was a necessary thing at the time, but as life has returned to some sort of a balance (I believe they call this "the new normal"), I find myself feeling ready again.

As I told a friend, I am re-calibrating.

So, Easter pictures should be forthcoming, along with a few other things. I got myself a Facebook page to make my fresh start all official and everything. (I love that we can all make our need to be "liked" totally up front now. Please Like me.)

In the meantime, here's a brief recap of recent happenings, in no particular order.

R came home from deployment.

My kids grew a combined total of four inches in the last three months. Also, I took exactly zero pictures of them in the month of February. Somehow they grew anyway.

We added a new dog to our family. Meet Lily, the Appalachian "Yorkillon" (that's fancy for some sort of Yorkie-Papillion-WhoKnowsWhat mix). She's two. 

She does this every single morning. Did I mention that she's two?

Danny drew this.

Spring came to South Dakota.

I signed up for another half-marathon, and am halfway through an actual training program.

After four years in The Great Frozen North, we got orders to move to the Deep Deep South.  Moving closer to my family and the beach - awesome. A hiatus of at least a year from shoveling snow - fantastic. Still deciding how I feel about the rest of it.
We also celebrated Christmas, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Crazy Hair Day, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter, and April Fools Day. I've almost finished the final edits on a book I've been working on (editing, not writing) for the last four years - expecting publication this year - and started on another one. I've been busy with Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Fund, switching our focus from our young women's house (They're all graduating this year! Yay!!) towards a micro-loan program for mothers, which is closer to our original goals. And learning a lot about non-profits, fundraising, cultural fluency, and privilege. Lots of growth up in here.

So, there you have it. I'm reading a book by BrenĂ© Brown, and she talks a lot about "leaning into the discomfort." (You should watch her TED talk - it changed my life.) Coming back to this well-loved project I have so neglected is uncomfortable, but good. Thank you, dear readers, for still being here.


Jean said...

I'm here and I know how you feel about coming back after a long hiatus. Glad you decided to do it! Maybe I'll get back to it too.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice, that you are back...

Jenn Rutledge said...

YEAH!!! I love your blogs! I am glad you are back to writing. However I am not likely to comment on many of them because I fell completely uneducated and inept because I am far from the English scholar you are. Many of your blogs have given me things to think about, be thankful for, even inspired me on a few occasions. I really enjoy hearing about you all especially those about the kids. Those blogs of heart- breaking racism and sheer ignorance of people continue to astound me (not in a good way). So welcome back and thanks for keeping up the great work.
I hope you all warm up soon and can enjoy a South Dakota spring one more time.