Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Earth Day from the Great Frozen North!

In case you missed it, yesterday was Earth Day. Funny story: I go way back with Earth Day - when I was in high school, I was super involved in environmentally conscious extracurriculars. We recycled, we educated, and we participated in our town's annual celebration. One notable year, I was in a play about - um, I really can't remember exactly what it was about. Conservation of some kind, I assume. What I do remember is that my part was a bat. Like, the winged mammal. I had a costume that involved a black turtleneck and some improvised wings, and I had actual lines which I performed for the general public (this was the culmination of my theater career, by the way.) 

R's mother was also very involved with our town's Earth Day celebration - she is a gifted graphic artist, and was responsible for designing the annual t-shirt in those days. While I remember almost nothing about that Earth Day - except that my little brother got stung on the top of the head by a bee - my mother-in-law and husband remember it fondly, even marking it as a seminal moment in our relationship, since they both bring that blush-inducing story up with some regularity. It would seem I was a very cute (or at least, memorable) bat. 

As far as I know, there are no pictures of my theatrical achievement. If you've known me that long, and you happen to be in possession of said photos, I would be most grateful if you used them to light your barbecue grill. Thanks so much. 

Anywho. Fast-forward more Earth Days than I'd like to count, to 2013. 

If you Google "Earth Day images," you get stuff like this:

What you get if you live in the Great Frozen North and you look out your window on Earth Day 2013, it  looks a little different. 

The news predicted (and stood by their prediction, for the entire day, despite being proven wrong before the sun even came up) a chance of snow. Maybe an inch - just a little "moisture," as they say around here. Mother Nature is HILARIOUS.

Fun fact: my kids have not had a full week of school since the third week of March. Another fun fact: our area generally gets about 40 inches of snow annually. We've gotten more snow than that since Easter, and the kids have had more snow days than the last three years combined. They are happy. I am tired. 

After the family spent some quality time shoveling the ten inches or so of snow-prise, an epic snowball fight broke out. This is the point when I broke out the camera, thus taking myself off the list of potential targets. I am no dummy.

 The boys are still working on their snowball fighting skills. (You'll notice Lina excused herself, also.)

Once again, age and treachery triumphed over youth and energy.

I swear, spring must  be right around the corner. Where the snow banks have melted, the grass is already green, and the way it's going, it will need to be mowed as soon as it thaws. This Mother Earth - she's a character, eh?

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