Friday, June 24, 2011

"Shoot 'em, Elizabeth!!"

During our visit, my sister introduced me to Swamp People on the History Channel - oh dear, it's almost enough to make me get cable again. I love this show. This is where my people come from, y'all. We may have moved out of the swamp a couple of generations ago, but just the accents are enough to transport me back home.

After all the guests had left the reception for my brother and his new bride, we pulled out the crawfish leftover from the Louisiana boil, popped open a bottle of champagne, and things really got cooking.

Sara, bless her heart, was not so sure about this crawfish thing....
And we came up with this great theory - you know Troy?

(For the unitiated, here's a clip.)

He sounds just like my uncle, if my uncle had ten grapes in his mouth. Because my brother has a very large mouth, we decided to test the theory.

....four, five, six....., eight.....

....nine.... TEN!!

Now say, "Shoot 'em, Elizabeth!"


Now, chewing ten grapes - that's a project only a Marine could manage without gagging. And also - here is the proof that he may be a six-and-a-half foot tall, trained killing machine, but his big sisters can still get him to do dumb stuff for our entertainment.

My baby brother - the best present my parents ever got me.


Marty D said...

Looks to me like the two big sisters have a new accomplice... I distinctly count THREE women in that middle conspiracy photo.

Jes said...

My two daughters and son - the best present the Universe ever gave me!